Student Tips

Student Tips · 17. October 2018
Many 6th grade students quit English lessons in anticipation of Junior High School. You shouldn’t quit. You should continue. Let’s look at why you might want to leave and why you shouldn’t. #1 Reason: My child can’t make the time because club activities finish late.

Student Tips · 15. March 2018
1. Why should my child go to Dave and Amy English School? My child has English everyday at school and in cram school. Our lessons emphasize speaking. Jr. High School and High School Classes at school and cram school often emphasize grammar and vocabulary. (Of course, you will also learn grammar and vocabulary but the main focus of class time is speaking and listening)
Student Tips · 15. March 2018
1. How are lessons grouped? For elementary school students, we place students into classes depending on reading level. Why? 40 minutes of the class is reading and speaking in pairs. Students should be similar reading levels to participate fully in class. Writing is a solitary activity. So it doesn’t matter if there are different writing levels in the same class.
Student Tips · 13. December 2017
Welcome to Dave and Amy English School: Dave and Amy English School にご入校いただきありがとうございます。 以下は当校からのお知らせです。 1. 【教室への持ち物】  幼稚園クラス: テキストブック、貸し出し図書 小学生, 帰国子女, 上級者クラス: テキストブック、ワークブック、ノート、貸し出し図書、2B鉛筆、消しゴム 2.【宿題について】 どのクラスも毎回宿題がでます。家での10~15分程度の復習で上達が違ってきます。宿題は毎回忘れずにやりましょう。

Student Tips · 20. November 2017
Students who have never lived abroad CAN become bi-lingual, but they need to put in a lot of effort. At Dave and Amy English School, we teach students that have never left Japan, but are able to join our returnee lessons (with children who have lived abroad for 3 or more years). Let’s go through what is necessary. *** These tips are for our Japanese students in Japan---but of course, can be used by ANYONE to learn a 2nd language. Tip # 1: READ.

Student Tips · 27. October 2017
How can Returnees retain English at a high level? and How can students who have never lived abroad become bi-lingual? At Dave and Amy English School, we have taught a lot of returnees. We try to help returnees keep their fluency, comprehension, reading and writing abilities at a high level, and improve them. But it takes hard work. How do we do this effectively?