Jr. High Lessons: 3 Questions

1.  Why should my child go to Dave and Amy English School?    My child has English everyday at school and in cram school.


Our lessons emphasize speaking.   Jr. High School and High School Classes at school and cram school often emphasize grammar and vocabulary.   (Of course, you will also learn grammar and vocabulary but the main focus of class time is speaking and listening)


Also, our lessons have 6 students maximum.  Your child WILL speak.   In addition to listening to CDs and native teachers,  learning grammar and vocabulary in an effective, fun class.   


2.  How do Jr. High School lessons differ from elementary lessons?


Children do higher level grammar, vocabulary and listenings using an adult text.    We expect longer answers and natural conversation.    


3.  Can I become fluent in one hour per week?



Yes.   We have many students who have never lived abroad who have fluent English.   They are dedicated, hard working students.   Usually, they have attended our lessons for around 7 or 8 years.

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