From fellow teachers who use the texts and games:


1.   I’m in my 6th year of using MEB in my private elementary classes. Not only are the textbooks great to reenforce vocabulary used in the MEB games, they are easy to explain to parents and encourage their involvement. Having parents involved makes a big difference and the simple and easy-to-follow manner of MEB has made that seamless. My younger students love the black and white MEB home books since they can color them as they like. My older students who use the purple MEB love the question cards. Without the combination of the MEB games and the textbooks, I don’t think my students would have advanced so well and with a feeling of fun at the center of their learning. If you are looking for a complete system that makes phonics fun and meaningful to teach-look no further!


Ellie Kumagai, Chiba



2.  I have used Dave and Amy’s books for the last 2 years. I use their My English Book 1 & 2 in my kindergarten classes. They include a lot of vocabulary and some simple grammar points. The format is easy to use. My students enjoy matching the pictures to the words and really enjoy coloring in all of the pictures.  The matching flashcards are convenient and make teaching the vocabulary easy and fun. 
I also use their elementary leveled workbooks. Students work on them at their own pace at the end of class and they are great for all levels of students. They work great in tandem with their games that teach and reinforce the phonics used in the books. Students enjoy matching the pictures to their phonics letter and the cards can be used to play many games from Karuta to bingo to fruit basket. 
Carl Schmidt, Saitama