Teacher Tips · 26. July 2018
Moving on Up: Elementary to Jr. High We find that our students are progressing more quickly these days. We have many elementary students on Jr. High School texts. We use the English File series with Jr. High kids, higher level returnees, adult students, and NOW higher level elementary students. The text is comprehensive: covering vocabulary, grammar. listening and speaking activities in the class book and home book. Initially,

27. June 2018
Printing, Laminating and Cutting Tips!

Teacher Tips · 20. June 2018
Do you know about myelin? It’s the mysterious stuff that grows around your nerves in response to your daily activity. You might have heard of it from famous books such as Daniel Doyle's " the Talent Code". Scientists believe it's like an insulation that forms around your nervous system’s "wiring", making your reactions quicker and more accurate. The myelin stops leaks of information from the "wiring" making learning smoother and faster. This should

日本語で · 12. June 2018
すばらしい体験レッスンの後、しばしば楽しかった?とお母さんが子供に尋ねるのを耳にします。 私はそれを聞くたびに違和感を覚えます。 お母さん、あなたはレッスンをご覧になられていたでしょう。 もしあなたが ●テンポよく興味の持てる楽しいレッスンだった。 ●英語の読み書きが学べて話せるようになるであろう。 ●良いテキストとカリキュラムでうまく行われている。 と感じたならば、 お母さん、あなたが決めるべきです。お子さんが好きか嫌いかは関係ありません。 我が家の話ですが、 うちの子供たちは以前さいたま市のあるサッカースクールに通っていました。 ヘッドコーチは多くを望む人でしたが、ちゃんと結果の出せる人でした。 私たちは子供に聞かずに入会を決めました。 私たちのスクールでも同じことが言えます。 私たちはにぎやかに動き回って行うとっても楽しいレッスンに重きを置いていません。 むしろ頭をフルに使い確実に上達することに重点を置いています。生徒に働きかけ頑張って挑戦してほしいと思っています。

English School Owner Tips · 06. June 2018
As school owners, we would recommend having rules. And not bending them. For many reasons: You are a business. To be professional, you must have rules. 2. Presumably you made the rules for a reason. If you CHANGE them easily, then why did you take the time to think about them and make them in the first place? You won’t see the cram schools

Despite the market being awash with phonics texts,  we decided to make My English Book and Me 3.   Why? How is My English Book and Me 3 different? 1. More than 1 anchor word per letter. My English Book and Me 3 introduces 4 anchor words per letter. (picture p. 30 from the CB)

English School Owner Tips · 30. May 2018
After a [ fabulous! ] trial lesson, a potential student is often asked by Mom, “Did you have fun?” This irritates me for several reasons. Mom: YOU saw the lesson. If YOU thought: the lesson was fast - paced, interesting and enjoyable my child WILL learn to read, write and speak English it’s a well run school with good texts

日本語で · 25. May 2018
大人に英語を教える時、教科書ではなくて自由に話すレッスンがしたいと言われたことがあるかもしれません。 Dave and Amy English Schoolでは、自由に話す(ただ話したいことを話す)レッスンは行いません。 その理由は・・・

Teacher Tips · 22. May 2018
If you teach adults, chances are you have had the request “free conversation please, no texts. At Dave and Amy English School, we don’t do free conversation. These are the reasons why: In conversation, students will use the same vocabulary and grammar that they always use. I know from personal experience. My Japanese is not that great and could really improve, BUT my conversation skills are pretty good precisely because conversation often covers

Life in Japan · 18. May 2018
We’re often asked by family if we miss America / England? The honest answer is no. We love living in Japan with our two kids. There is so much about their childhood that their cousins back home can’t have or do. #1. Freedom: Children in Japan have freedom to go out on their own without a guardian. From the age of 6, children walk to and from school by themselves. After school and on weekends, they play

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