Dave and Amy came to Japan in 1996.  Dave from England.  Amy from America.  They met in Japan.   They both thought they would stay for 1 year.   


They opened Dave and Amy English School in 2004 with 20 students.    It currently has 4 locations with over 500 students.  


Dave and Amy wrote My English Book and Me 1 - 6.   They made Dave and Amy Games (flashcards and games) to go with the texts.   But of course, all materials can be used independently.


Dave and Amy have 2 kids.   They go to Kita Urawa Elementary School and Motobuto Junior High School.   At home, we only speak English.   At school and with friends, they speak Japanese.   The boys love soccer and play on the Urawa Reds team.     The whole family loves living in Japan.