Elementary Lessons: 7 Questions

1.   How are lessons grouped?


For elementary school students, we place students into classes depending on reading level.   Why?   40 minutes of the class is reading and speaking in pairs.   Students should be similar reading levels to participate fully in class.   

Writing is a solitary activity.   So it doesn’t matter if there are different writing levels in the same class. 


2. My child has studied at another school.  What lesson can she join?


We don’t know (yet).   We need to level check speaking, comprehension, reading and writing before we suggest suitable lessons.


3. Why do elementary lessons begin with My English Book and Me 3 and NOT My English Book and Me 1?

We want elementary students to learn to read and write as soon as possible. When children can read, they can teach themselves.   Children learn to read from My English Book and Me 3.    We use My English Book and Me 1 and 2 with kindergarteners.   They don’t WRITE—-but they learn lots of vocabulary and questions and answers BEFORE elementary school.


4.   Why do you teach phonics?


Students who READ and WRITE teach themselves.   They READ and learn vocabulary and grammar.   They have better pronunciation and remember much better than non readers.


5. Why don’t you teach Eiken?


We are native English teachers.   Our unique selling point is our comfort in English, our pronunciation, our ability to think quickly and naturally in English.  


Eiken can be taught by ANYONE.    You don’t need a native teacher to teach you EIKEN.     EIKEN can also be studied alone.    


Most of our students take EIKEN—-studying by themselves.   


****  Although we don’t specifically teach EIKEN, the vocabulary, grammar, questions and answers students learn IN CLASS and FOR HOMEWORK will help them with the test. *****


6.   Why do you have writing time in class?  


We need to check students’ writing ability.   If we ONLY assign homework and don’t check the students IN class, then students don’t progress well.  We need to ensure students can do writing by themselves with little (preferably no) help.


Writing time is also speaking time.  Children speak out loud as they write.


7.   Why DON’T you sing songs with elementary kids?


Many students begin from kindergarten.   They have been singing for 2 years in our classes.  They want to level up to elementary classes that are significantly different to their kindergarten lessons.



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