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My English Book and Me: Elementary 2: 使い方
My English Book and Me Tips · 25. March 2019
My English Book and Me : Elementary 2 (緑色のテキスト: 旧My English Book and Me 4) 1.テキストについて My English Book and Me:Elementary 2(旧My English Book and Me 4)では、CVCフォニックス(子音母音子音のパターンで並ぶもの)、長い言葉、会話形式の質問と答えを学びます。

My English Book and Me Tips · 23. January 2019
My English Book and Me 4 (the green texts) to be re-named My English Book and Me: Elementary 2 1. About the Texts My English Book and Me 4 teach CVC phonics, longer words and conversational English. 2. Homework: Teachers will fold pages in half and write the date on them. This is the homework.

Teacher Tips · 12. February 2018
Kindergarten Lessons at Dave and Amy English School:  Goals (before elementary school, students should be able to) 1.  Know Lots of Vocabulary 2.  Ask and Answer Simple Questions and Answers 3.  Sing simple English Songs 4.  Recognize all 26 Lowercase Letters: begin reading 5.  Know the Phonetic Sounds of all th

My English Book and Me Tips · 28. January 2018
By the time students get to My English Book and Me 5 and 6, they are strong readers and writers. In these texts, students can read and write full questions and answers. And learn a lot of vocabulary and grammar. We use MEB5 with elementary students who have finished MEB3 and 4. We ALSO use it with NEW Jr High School students. If students BEGIN with us from Jr High School, we find MEB5 a perfect text for them.

My English Book and Me Tips · 28. January 2018
My English Book and Me 3 Classbook and Homebook are ABC phonics texts. Children will learn many new words as they learn their phonics. There is constant review and re-enforcement with mini - tests. Students also learn conversational questions and answers. We use MEB3 with ANY beginning elementary student (be they 5th graders or 1st graders). And with high level kindergarten students who have finished My English Book and Me 1 and 2. Why don’t ALL students begin with My English Bo

English School Owner Tips · 24. January 2018
Many people are surprised to hear that for years we had no Japanese help at all. NOW, we DO have a Japanese secretary who helps out once a month. She’s a secret secretary. Our students don’t know we have Japanese staff. Why would we do that? We feel that if we have Japanese staff answering phones and dealing with students, it will lessen OUR connection with our students. It’s named Dave and Amy English school for a reason. It’s OUR school.

Dave and Amy Games · 15. January 2018
When students enter our kindergarten lesson, they play Look 'n Match in groups of 3 - 4. Look 'n Match is a matching game. Students must LOOK at the card and MATCH to the picture on the BOARD. Each Look 'n Match game consists of: 1. 4 A4 sized boards 2. 6 colorful pictures/ board 3. 24 double sided

My English Book and Me Tips · 15. January 2018
My English Book and Me 1 and 2 are black and white picture dictionaries. They can be used with ANY beginners, but we use them with our kindergarten students. Ideally, students will come to our school as 4 year olds and begin My English Book and Me 1. After 1 year on My English Book and Me 1, most students progress to My English Book and Me 2. Why MEB1 and 2? We want the students learning lots of vocabulary and simple questions and answers, BEFORE reading and writing (we do lots of phonics IN...

English School Owner Tips · 13. December 2017
At Dave and Amy English School, we had very popular, effective Mommy and Baby lessons for 7 years. And then stopped. Why? Hint: It WASN’T because our own children had grown. Although it was great having Alfie and Leon in the class. The real reason we STOPPED Mommy and Baby lessons is we found

日本語で · 06. December 2017
My English Book and Me 3ではそれぞれの文字の書き方、発音、代表的な単語を例に挙げ読み書きの基礎を学びます。 ●文字の練習をするときは大きな声で発音しながら文字を書きます。 ●ミニテストのページ(P,8,13,14,19,20,21,,,,)をやる時はテキストブックに書き込まず他のノートにやります。 ミニテストをやる時に前のページを見てやったり、家の

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