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Teacher Tips · 20. November 2018
Below is what we give to new Kindergarten Students. It explain about our lessons, the texts and how to do homework. The Japanese translation is here: Thank you for joining Dave and Amy English School. Your child is on the way to becoming bilingual. It will be a long road but it can absolutely be done. We have some diligent students who have continued from 4 years old to high school and are fluent English speakers, readers and writers. The keys to becoming bilingual with one hour Eng

Teacher Tips · 20. November 2018
Click for Learn from the Best: Footpal (Part 1) # 6 Group Students At footpal, there are 3 groups. High / Middle / Low. While I don’t like ALL aspects of this system, I think there are some merits. Students of similar level compete. Imagine they were not similar level. Of course the stronger would dominate. The not as strong would lose confidence. But when kids are with similar kids, they can learn from each other. No one loses confidence. In our elementary lessons, we wi

Teacher Tips · 13. November 2018
Amy and I believe that when you learn, you should learn from the best. Learn from them. Develop their ideas and make them your own. We apply this to our kids also. Our sons' futsal school has a renowned coach. People travel long distances to take his classes. His results are testimony

Teacher Tips · 06. November 2018
Amy and I believe that when you seek guidance, you should learn from the best.    Learn from them.   Develop their ideas and make them your own.    We went to an ETJ Expo many years ago and saw Robert S. Murphy speak. Don't know what the S stands for. My guess is smartalec.

Teacher Tips · 30. October 2018
Amy and I believe that when you get guidance for life, you should learn from the best. Learn from them. Develop their ideas and make them your own. David Paul set us on the path to where we are now.

Teacher Tips · 26. July 2018
Moving on Up: Elementary to Jr. High We find that our students are progressing more quickly these days. We have many elementary students on Jr. High School texts. We use the English File series with Jr. High kids, higher level returnees, adult students, and NOW higher level elementary students. The text is comprehensive: covering vocabulary, grammar. listening and speaking activities in the class book and home book. Initially,

Teacher Tips · 20. June 2018
Do you know about myelin? It’s the mysterious stuff that grows around your nerves in response to your daily activity. You might have heard of it from famous books such as Daniel Doyle's " the Talent Code". Scientists believe it's like an insulation that forms around your nervous system’s "wiring", making your reactions quicker and more accurate. The myelin stops leaks of information from the "wiring" making learning smoother and faster. This should

Teacher Tips · 22. May 2018
If you teach adults, chances are you have had the request “free conversation please, no texts. At Dave and Amy English School, we don’t do free conversation. These are the reasons why: In conversation, students will use the same vocabulary and grammar that they always use. I know from personal experience. My Japanese is not that great and could really improve, BUT my conversation skills are pretty good precisely because conversation often covers

Teacher Tips · 27. April 2018
      Traditionally, children's English teaching in Japan has relied heavily on FUN lessons.   But what is FUN?   Why the emphasis on FUN?   Was any real learning occurring?     Students coming to us from other "FUN" schools seemed to indicate: probably not.                    Despite 4 – 5 years English instruction, most of these students can't read, write, speak or listen well.   Dave and I wonder what HAS been going on

Teacher Tips · 13. March 2018
Many teachers overthink lesson planning. I think it is best to keep things simple. This is the basic plan we use for 1 hour elementary school lessons at Dave and Amy English School. 30 minutes: 2 fifteen minute activities or 3 ten minute ones. Mainly done at the table in pairs or threes. Do the SAME type of activity for ALL lessons that day/ that week. Make your life easy and your

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