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Teacher Tips · 08. January 2021
Our lessons have changed a lot in the past year. While COVID forced the change, there are many things we will keep post COVID. Individual desks: Previously, we had 1 big table. Students would do reading and speaking activities in groups of 3 or in pairs at the big table. Now, students work individually at their own desk. This has distinct benefits: No Japanese (separated from friends so couldn’t speak) Students more focused (couldn’t rely on other students

Teacher Tips · 02. July 2019
No Japanese In our hour long after school English lessons, we have a no Japanese policy. Why do we want English only lessons? Japanese in class is the number 1 reason students quit. We get a lot of students from other schools because of this. (so if you’re a school near us—ignore the no Japanese advice.) Once kids start speaking Japanese, it’s hard to get them to stop. One or two words will become non stop chatter. If kids are speaking Japanese, they can’t hear the English. Wh

Teacher Tips · 15. April 2019
Happy, clappy English teaching: not a fan. Why? After 22 years here, we are miserable sods jaded with teaching and life itself. Ha ha, gotcha! No, we are very happy people but definitely not into the concept of bouncing around a class, bug eyed leading the class in 'fun' English. If your not sure what we're talking about, please refresh your memory (for the UK audience // for the Americans). Both of these guys are legends of bad 80s tv, but would they make effective teach

Teacher Tips · 10. April 2019
Dave and Amy believe the ideal length of time on a text is 1 year or less. We don’t rush students through texts or level them up without merit. Why one year or less? 1. Students ENJOY receiving the next text in the My English Book and Me series. Our students work at their level. Despite students beginning My English Book and Me in April togethe

Teacher Tips · 18. February 2019
Currently, Dave and I: 1. Have BRIGHT, COLORFUL eye-catching signs. Essential information only. Don’t duplicate (English school and eikaiwa kyoshitsu— not both needed) Cartoon faces: might be effective if like Dave you are “facially challenged”. (and faces stand out) About us: All of our school location signs are visible from the street, two signs can

Teacher Tips · 06. February 2019
At Brown, I filled my schedule with classes from teachers that were known to be great teachers. It didn’t matter WHAT they taught. If they got rave reviews from previous students, I signed up to their lessons. And I learned so much. A good teacher makes learning fun, challenging and advances their students far faster than average ones. What I learned in the actual lessons aside, the following is what I learned about teaching. 1. Keep S
Teacher Tips · 28. January 2019
Over the years, Dave and I have tried lots of things to make extra money. In addition to the obligatory halloween / christmas parties and summer camps, here are a few ideas we recommend: Pajama Parties: 5 - 10 kids. Make pizza / eat / play English games / watch an English movie / make pancakes / go to the park (weather permitting). These parties are nice because

Teacher Tips · 20. November 2018
Below is what we give to new Kindergarten Students. It explain about our lessons, the texts and how to do homework. The Japanese translation is here: Thank you for joining Dave and Amy English School. Your child is on the way to becoming bilingual. It will be a long road but it can absolutely be done. We have some diligent students who have continued from 4 years old to high school and are fluent English speakers, readers and writers. The keys to becoming bilingual with one hour Eng

Teacher Tips · 20. November 2018
Click for Learn from the Best: Footpal (Part 1) # 6 Group Students At footpal, there are 3 groups. High / Middle / Low. While I don’t like ALL aspects of this system, I think there are some merits. Students of similar level compete. Imagine they were not similar level. Of course the stronger would dominate. The not as strong would lose confidence. But when kids are with similar kids, they can learn from each other. No one loses confidence. In our elementary lessons, we wi

Teacher Tips · 13. November 2018
Amy and I believe that when you learn, you should learn from the best. Learn from them. Develop their ideas and make them your own. We apply this to our kids also. Our sons' futsal school has a renowned coach. People travel long distances to take his classes. His results are testimony

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