My English Book and Me 5 and 6: how we use

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By the time students get to My English Book and Me 5 and 6, they are strong readers and writers.   In these texts, students can read and write full questions and answers.    And learn a lot of vocabulary and grammar.
We use MEB5  with elementary students who have finished MEB3 and 4.    We ALSO use it with NEW Jr High School students.   If students BEGIN with us from Jr High School, we find MEB5 a perfect text for them.   
Like all our elementary / beginning Jr High School lessons, students will practice the vocabulary, grammar, questions and answers IN the My English Book and Me 5 and 6 texts through flashcards, games and activities.    They will spend 40 minutes doing read ’n match, flip ’n read, flashcards, question cards, conversation cards…. in groups of 3 or pairs.    Students teach themselves as they do the activitiies.
The remaining 20 minutes of class is writing time.   
  1.  Students begin by correcting any mistakes in their homework.     Homework test pages: (students practice in a notebook for homework), the student completes the test in class.     
  2. Pages with full sentences or questions and answers:  students should re-read and remember.   Then cover the words, and say the full sentence/ full question and answer OUT LOUD (harder than you think).   Bonus points for thinking of their own original sentence / question and answer.
  3.  Go back and re-do any pages with many mistakes (don’t re-do the WHOLE page —- only the mistakes).
  4. When any mistakes in the home book has been done, do the class book.   Begin by reviewing pages with many mistakes.   Then continue on in the book.   Encourage students to SPEAK and WRITE.   And after writing to cover the words, look at the picture and say the full sentence/ question and answer.
Like all of our classes, students work at THEIR pace.   If they make few/ no mistakes, they will do a page once.   If they make MANY mistakes, then they will correct the mistakes 2 or 3 times to solidify learning. 
How about your students?  School?

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