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Teacher Tips · 20. November 2018
Click for Learn from the Best: Footpal (Part 1) # 6 Group Students At footpal, there are 3 groups. High / Middle / Low. While I don’t like ALL aspects of this system, I think there are some merits. Students of similar level compete. Imagine they were not similar level. Of course the stronger would dominate. The not as strong would lose confidence. But when kids are with similar kids, they can learn from each other. No one loses confidence. In our elementary lessons, we wi

My English Book and Me Tips · 30. November 2017
In the My English Book and Me 3 Home Book, there are many mini - tests. We want the tests to be meaningful and to test the students. Unfortunately, we found that many times, when assigned for homework, the tests would come back PERFECT---with NO mistakes. Mysteriously when students did similar mini tests IN CLASS in the CLASS BOOK, they would make many mistakes. Why?? We suspect parents were "helping" their children. Unfortunately, such help is really a hindrance. Because we know