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My English Book and Me Tips · 28. January 2018
By the time students get to My English Book and Me 5 and 6, they are strong readers and writers. In these texts, students can read and write full questions and answers. And learn a lot of vocabulary and grammar. We use MEB5 with elementary students who have finished MEB3 and 4. We ALSO use it with NEW Jr High School students. If students BEGIN with us from Jr High School, we find MEB5 a perfect text for them.

日本語で · 06. December 2017
My English Book and Me 3ではそれぞれの文字の書き方、発音、代表的な単語を例に挙げ読み書きの基礎を学びます。 ●文字の練習をするときは大きな声で発音しながら文字を書きます。 ●ミニテストのページ(P,8,13,14,19,20,21,,,,)をやる時はテキストブックに書き込まず他のノートにやります。 ミニテストをやる時に前のページを見てやったり、家の