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日本語で · 06. December 2017
My English Book and Me 3ではそれぞれの文字の書き方、発音、代表的な単語を例に挙げ読み書きの基礎を学びます。 ●文字の練習をするときは大きな声で発音しながら文字を書きます。 ●ミニテストのページ(P,8,13,14,19,20,21,,,,)をやる時はテキストブックに書き込まず他のノートにやります。 ミニテストをやる時に前のページを見てやったり、家の

Teacher Tips · 27. November 2017
Believe it or not, we have a toilet break policy at Dave and Amy English School. It sounds ridiculous, but it is necessary. To begin with, let’s go through WHY

English School Owner Tips · 14. November 2017
After 20 years in business, Dave and I think we have hit upon the best way to do trial lessons. Before I outline what we do, I will say what we don’t do and why. All of what we DON’T do, we DID do for years. BUT we changed to our current system 5 years ago and haven’t gone back. 1. We don’t allow trial lesson students to join in in existing lessons, with Moms/ Dads watching because: • It disrupts the class. My responsibility is first and foremost to my paying students. When a

Teacher Tips · 12. November 2017
What is the best way for a student to learn? By them doing it themselves. As teachers, we can speak, read, write and listen to English. If we want our students to be able to do the same, they must speak, read, write and listen to English themselves, with as little help from us as possible. How do we do this? Let’s go step by step.

English School Owner Tips · 12. November 2017
At Dave and Amy English School, we teach kindergarten kids from 4 years old. Why? When students join our school, we want ALL children to participate fully in our lessons. We have found that MOST