Our Lessons Now

 Our lessons at Dave and Amy English School have changed a lot in the past year.    While COVID forced the change, there are many things we will keep post COVID.


Individual desks:   


Previously, we had 1 big table.   Students would do reading and speaking activities  in groups of 3 or in pairs at the big table.    


Now, students work individually at their own desk.   This has distinct benefits:


  1. No Japanese (separated from friends so couldn’t speak)
  2. Students more focused (couldn’t rely on other students)
  3. Teachers could clearly see each students level 
  4. More individual student / teacher interaction as the teacher monitored.
  5. Students are not embarrassed (as they might have been before) to speak out loud as they do the activities or write.


In the future, we will keep the individual desks.   Students can work individually as now or we can put the desks together for group work.


Distanced Speaking:   


Before COVID, post COVID, students did question cards in groups of 3 or pairs.    The big difference now is that students are distanced from each other in the classroom.     This is good because other students must really LISTEN to hear and respond to the question.    Students must speak clearly, with head up and in a strong voice.   No whispering.     In the future, we will add this way to the many ways we use question cards to keep our students on their toes.


Washing hands, disinfecting and ventilating:    

In the future, we’ll continue to do this, in the winter at least.    One benefit of COVID is that Moms are not sending their snotty nosed, clearly sick child to class.    But when we’re free from COVID, these children WILL come to class as usual, infecting their desks and our materials.  It makes sense to combat that with hand - washing, disinfecting and ventilating in the cold season.  



COVID forced us to change.   And we’re happy it did.   We like our new style of lessons.    And think our students will be stronger because of it.    How about you?   How have your lessons changed in COVID? 

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