5 Ways to Make Money as English Speakers

Over the years, Dave and I have tried lots of things to make extra money.   In addition to the obligatory halloween / christmas parties and summer camps, here are a few ideas we have tried.   I have written what we did.  Of course, you might do differently.   There is no right or wrong way.     


If you HAVE tried the following, please tell us what you do. 




1.  Pajama Parties:   5 - 10 kids.  Make pizza / eat / play English games / watch an English movie / make pancakes / go to the park (weather permitting).   These parties are nice because they begin at 18:00 and finish at 10:00 and the kids sleep for half the time.   We charge 8000 yen / student.


2.    Homestay in Japan:  We’re an all English speaking family and we have extra space in our house.  So, students can stay with us for 3 days / a week…. to get extra practice speaking English.  They just fit in with our normal activities and we do extra textbook work.   Price depends on the duration.


3.  Game night:    Our kids (now 12 and 14) are in charge of game night now.   Basically, play games in English and have a few snacks.   It’s fun for everyone.   Charge 1500 yen for 1 hour 15.  (Keep it short and sweet)


4.   ANY activity in English:    Do what you love, invite students and make money.   Cooking, bicycling, hiking, camping, playing soccer, doing art, learning survival skills, visiting a museum……    Make it short and sweet or a whole day adventure.   If you have kids of your own, they can come too.   It’s a great way to make money doing what you love with your family and students.     


In the past we visited the Beatles Museum (now gone) and our teachers have done art lessons.   


5.  Coffee Mornings/ Pub Nights:    Coffee mornings cater to housewives and Pub nights to businessmen.    Both are relaxed affairs with free conversation.   It’s fun for participants and teachers.


These are just a few ideas.   



What do you do to make extra money?



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