My English Book and Me 4 Home Book

These are our tips for homework in the My English Book and Me 4 Home Book.  

 #1.  Assign 2 pages a week. 

 #2  Students should do the activity on the LEFT of the page (unscramble, match, circle....)

# 3  Students should COVER the LEFT side of the page with a NOTEBOOK (ANY notebook will do).

# 4. Students should LOOK at the PICTURE (only) and WRITE the WORDS.

# 5  Uncover.

# 6  Self- check.   Circle mistakes.  Write score.  Correct mistakes.

# 7  Do again and again to practice.

# 8  The RIGHT side of the page will be done as a TEST in class.    Cover the words and write.

# 9.  If students DO WELL on the TEST, they will only need to do it one time.   If they don't, we will re-assign the same pages for homework.


Why do we do this?

Because we want to TEST the students in CLASS.  And students can EASILY practice in a notebook for homework.


Look at the pictures below for clarification.    There is a Japanese translation to explain to your students HOW to use the book here.


Only the question pages --- do in the book for homework.

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