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My English Book and Me Tips · 06. September 2019
The teacher led activities are my chance to introduce new language or skills that the students will then go on to use independently. They vary depending on the class but are generally an opportunity for me to scaffold the students and support them in expanding their vocabulary or reading and writing skills. I often use the Dave and Amy games during this time. Bingo is especially popular. There are bingo boards available to learn vocabulary on one side and practice single letter recognition or r

My English Book and Me Tips · 05. June 2019
Using Dave and Amy resources with a larger class. I am a teacher at Dave and Amy’s English School, and I also have my own small business running an after school English Club at a Buddhist temple run kindergarten. The students in my club range from the second year of kindergarten to the third year of elementary school. Unlike the lessons at Dave and Amy’s schools which usually have a maximum of six students, my classes have up to twenty students in them. I first decided to use the Dave and Amy