EFS Unit 9 & 10 Review: Short Movies: An Interesting Hotel

An Interesting Hotel: EFS Short Movies 9 & 10


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This is the Inn at Irving Place.


A small boutique/business hotel in the Gramercy Park/Forest neighborhood in New York City.


This building is around one hundred and eighty/eighteen years old.


In 1834/1835, it was two family homes.

In fact, the Inn at Irving Place didn’t open until 1994/1995.


But it isn’t modern/old fashioned, there is antique furniture, a tiled floor, and a large/small open fire.


So it looks like a hotel from the 19th/9th century.


Shaun Redstad, the general officer/manager describes the hotel.


‘At the Inn at Irving Place, there are 12/20 guest rooms, four/forty parlor salons and one reception salon as well as a restroom/restaurant.


The hotel is small. There isn’t a gym, a swimming pool or a spa. But the interior/inside is very pretty/beautiful.


The rooms are all very elegant and old fashioned/modern. In each one there is a large bed. On the bed, there are comfortable/uncomfortable pillows.


There’s a table, a lamp, an armchair and a painting/picture on the wall. Each room has a bathroom too. There’s a bath, a shower and a sink/toilet.


The Inn at Irving Place is also famous for Lady Mendel’s tea salon.


In the Victorian/Meiji era, tea drinking was very popular. Rich/Poor people went to each others’ houses to drink tea. They didn’t only drink tea, they also ate/eat cakes. They always did this in the morning/afternoon. So they called it, afternoon tea.



Today/Tomorrow, lots of people still enjoy a Victorian afternoon tea at Lady Mendel’s tea salon in the Inn at Irving Place.


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