EFS Unit 7 & 8 Review: A Day Off Short Movie

A Day Off: Unit 7 & 8 Review.


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Hi I’m Sara, I’m a pilates/karate instructor.


I really love my job because I love working with children/people.


I work/play six days a week. Usually I get up at 7am to go to school/work.


Everyday when I wake up I take/make a shower, brush my hair/teeth, make coffee and read/watch the news.


I don’t have a tv so I do everything on my  i pad/computer.


Usually I go to work at 9am, but on my days off I don’t like to clean/leave the house.


Today is Sara’s day off, so she isn’t going to work. At the moment, she’s sleeping/reading, but Sara does a lot of other things on her days off.


So, what is she doing tomorrow/today?


I’m learning to play the piano/guitar but I’m not very good at it yet.


Sara practices/plays the guitar everyday. She can’t play it very well/good but she’s improving all the time.


Sara also likes to cook/knit. She can knit very good/well. She’s knitting a sweater/scarf for her grandfather/brother.


Sara is also learning a new sport/language.


I don’t have a lot of time on workdays, but on my day off I like to practice learning Spanish/French. [hola/bonjour!]


Sara has French classes twice/once a week. She has a friend from France called Steve/Eve. Today, she’s talking to Eve on Skype/Zoom.



Sara also does some homework/housework. She’s watering the dishes/plants and washing the plants/dishes. But she isn’t doing a lot of housework, she just wants to party/relax.

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