EFS: Unit 5 & 6 Review: The Life of a Chef Short Movie

EFS Unit 7 & 8 Review Short Movie: The Life of a Chef


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This is Jin Chong.


He lives/live in Washington D.C. and he’s a chef.


Jin Chong work/works six days a week and he’s always very busy/happy.


This is a typical/usual day in his life.


Jin Chong usually get/gets up at 7am.


He stretches/stretch and gets/get dressed.


He always has/have a big breakfast. He often cook/cooks eggs and makes/make toast. He has/have coffee every morning, he never drink/drinks anything else.


Jin Chong leave/leaves the house around 8 am. He usually cycle/cycles but sometimes he takes/take the bus. He doesn’t have a car, so he never drive/drives.


Jin Chong always go/goes to the market before he starts/start work. Here, he buy/buys fresh vegetables. He buys/buy tomatoes, broccoli, peppers and eggs.


Jin Chong arrives/arrive at work around 9 am. He open/opens the restaurant and start/starts cooking. First, he prepares/prepare the vegetables. He chops/chop onions and tomatoes. Then he cook/cooks the meat. He grills/grill beef and chicken.


For the rest of the day, Jin Chong is very busy. He doesn’t has/have a break until 3pm. And he doesn’t finish/finishes until 7pm.


When he finishes/finish he goes home, prepare/prepares his dinner and goes/go to bed. He rarely stay/stays up late. In fact, he usually goes/go to bed around 9pm.



So he’s ready for another busy day today/tomorrow.

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