EFS Unit 3 & 4 Review: A Souvenir Shop Short Movie

EFS Unit 3 & 4 Review: A Souvenir Shop Short Movie.


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This is London, the capital/city of Britain.


And this, is Trafalgar Square/Triangle, in the center/west of London.


London is very quiet/busy, with lots of tourists/people.


This is Lambert Souvenirs. Many tourists come to this shop.


These/Those are key chains. They’re souvenirs of London. 

This keychain is the London Underground/Overground logo.


These are sweatshirts. This sweatshirt is red and that sweatshirt is blue. These sweatshirts are expensive, but these t-shirts are cheap.


Those/These are bags. This bag has the British/English flag on it.


These toys/games are also souvenirs of London.


This toy is a London taxi, and this toy is a red/blue London bus.


These postcards/ID cards are of London, and all the city’s boring/interesting places.


This calendar, and these books are about the Royal/Long Family.


Outside the shop, these/those sunglasses are great/fantastic.


These visitors are from France/Italy, and these visitors are from Canada/Colombia.



Lambert Souvenirs is their/her favorite shop.

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