EFS Unit 1 & 2 Review: Friends Short Movie

EFS Unit 1 & 2 Review: Friends Short Movie


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Hi, I’m Conor Lee, I’m twenty eight/seven years old. I’m from Montreal, Canada/Korea


For work, I’m a salesman/singer


I’m really lucky because I get to travel the world. I have friends all over the world/globe.


Here, look, this is my friend Gabriel/George and his sister, Sara/Susan. He is twenty five years old and she is twenty six. He’s from California/Colorado. He’s a tour guide/taxi driver and he lives in Bolivia/Botswana.


This is him in a really small plane/train. He does amazing/great things for his job everyday. 


Here are some pictures of him last week. 


Here he is on Monday, scuba diving/skydiving. Here he is on Tuesday, hiking/climbing. On Wednesday, here he is in the jungle/forest. On Thursday, playing with some animals. Here he is Friday, back in La Paz.


This is Gabe with his two sisters, Sara and Molly. They are on vacation in Columbia/Venezuela. I’m excited to visit them soon.


Here’s another friend of mine.

 Her name is Cecilia. She is twenty nine/six years old. Cecilia is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Peru. She is a journalist/dentist there. Cecilia is also a very good photographer. These are pictures from a carnival/house party. She’s a very good friend, she likes to smile/cry.


Here’s my old friend, Sam. He is twenty/fifty two years old. He’s from Washington D.C, the capital of the United States. But his family is from Liberia, West/East Africa. Sam is in college and also a poet/policeman.


Here’s another friend. Her name is Emily and she’s thirty/twenty three years old. And that’s her new kitten/puppy, Marcus. Emily’s from London, England. 


She’s in college and she is studying history/science.


And this is my friend Trevor. He’s twenty four/seven years old. He’s from Canada/Japan but he lives in New York City now. 

Trevor is an actor/dancer

Here he is with his team last Saturday/Sunday. Here’s the trophy. Trevor is very funny/friendly. He’s a good friend.


Here’s my friend Antonio. He’s from Florence, Spain/Italy. Antonio’s from Italy, but he works with me in Montreal/Toronto. He’s twenty five years old.



These are some of my friends. I’m really happy/lucky.

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