EFS Unit 11 & 12 Review: Trip of a Lifetime

Trip of a Lifetime [EFS 11&12]


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This is Carolina Santos Read.


She’s from the United States but she has a lot of friends/family in Brazil.


In three weeks, Carolina and her husband/boyfriend are going to go there on vacation/on business.

At the moment she is planning the trip, but it’s difficult/easy.


She’s going to stay in Brazil for four weeks, so she’s going to want/need a lot of things.


“I have a suitcase, a passport, some bathing suits, some sunscreen, some clothes, too many shoes, and there’s plenty/lots of other things I wanna bring.


Carolina isn’t going to take all of these/this things. Her husband Kurt is going to need some space/room too.


Carolina and Kurt also go/went to Brazil two years ago.


They went/go to the beach and ate/eat at a very famous restaurant. Carolina loves/hates seafood, so Kurt bought/buy her some fish. But they don’t/didn’t visit Carolinas family.


This time, they’re going to go to the family farmhouse/doghouse in the Brazilian countryside/seaside to spend time with them. But they aren’t/are going to stay at the farmhouse all the time, they going to do lots of other things.


Kurt loves/hates soccer, Carolinas’ cousin Eduardo buy/bought him a ticket to a soccer match.


Carolina isn’t/is going to go, she does/doesn’t like soccer.


She’s going to go parachuting/paragliding instead. And they’re both going to go camping with the rest of the family.



Kurt and Carolina are really looking forward to their vacation/trip. They’re going to have a great/good time. 


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