My (bad) Medical Check Result

I do the free yearly medical exams provided by the Japanese national health system.   I believe in catching any problems before they become bigger.    


This year, I got a call from the gynecologist to pick up my pap smear results.   From past experience, I knew this was a bad sign.   If they call, it means there’s a problem. 


So, it didn’t come as a surprise when the gynecologist said cells in my cervix were at the stage before cancer.  


There are 4 pre-cancer stages.   This was the 4th stage (HSIL) and the next stage, if nothing was done, would be cancer. 


I was immediately referred to the Red Cross Hospital in Saitama.   I got an appointment the following week.   The hospital doctor did a more thorough exam and sent the cells to the lab.    


After 2 weeks, the results confirmed the initial results.    And showed the pre-cancer was only in the cervix.    Surgery is the only option if you don’t want cancer / don’t want it to spread.  


Of course, I didn’t want to have surgery.  But I was extremely thankful that it had been found PRE - cancer and that it hadn’t spread.    Please get your yearly checks, because this (and many cancers), you wouldn’t know you had until an advanced stage without checks.


Surgery was booked 2 weeks later.


Read about the surgery here.


My initial thoughts were:


  • Thank goodness this was caught PRE - cancer and before it had spread.
  • Thank goodness for free yearly medical checks.
  •  I love the professionalism of the Japanese health system.   No long waits.  Immediate referrals.  

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