Trial Lesson Hell

Here’s some of our terrible trial lesson stories:
The uninvited guest
Doing a trial lesson in the August heat, a meaty cockroach flew out of the air-conditioning onto the trial lesson Mom’s lap. 
Signed up?: No
Lessons Learned:
  • Cockroach traps needed.  
  • No more trial lessons in August:  Students come hot and bothered and are less likely to sign up.
  • Cockroach 1 Dave and Amy English 0.
2.  Peekaboo
You’re doing the trial lesson. The student is hiding under the table.
Signed up?: Yes.
Lessons Learned: Surprisingly, the initial shy students often adapt well and level up quickly. 
3.  Family tree
Mom, Dad, and 3 younger siblings, including a month old baby come to the trial. Often the younger children run around the room, pulling books off the shelves and generally causing havoc.
Signed up?: Mainly yes.
Lessons learned:
  • Ignore siblings. It’s not your job to take care of them.
  • But DO confiscate materials being crushed by young hands (why don’t the Mom and Dad do that??).
  • Keep trial short and sweet.  Smile through gritted teeth . 
4. Boooooring!
The child stares mournfully out the window throughout trial.
Signed up?: Mainly yes. 
Lessons learned:
  • Do the trial lesson with the Mom and Dad instead.
  • Tell Mom and Dad, that with other children participating, their child will also participate.
  • Kids often behave differently with Moms and Dads. 
5. Waaaaahh!
The child is FINE in the trial.  But Mom worries about the lessons when she won't be there. 
Signed up?: Mainly yes.
Lessons Learned:
  • Most kids DON’T cry in lessons.
  • If they do, most stop after 5 minutes.
  • Kindergarteners (we start lessons from the 2nd year)  are used to being without Mom. 
  • Moms worry too much.
What stories do you have??  
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