High level Elementary / Jr High School / Returnee Lesson

This is what we do in our high level elementary lessons (students who have finished My English Book and Me 6) / Jr. High School / returnee lessons.    The Japanese translation is here.   





  1. About the English File texts:

We use the English File series with:


1.  Jr. High School and High School students

2.  Returnees

3.  High level elementary students.

4.  Adults


English File texts are very thorough; teaching grammar, vocabulary, conversation, questions and answers.    In addition, there are CD listenings.


The texts mirror what children learn in Jr. High School, but in a fun, meaningful, interesting way.     It is excellent preparation for any tests in Jr. High School and High School.  



2.  Homework:   


We want class time to be speaking time and CD listening time, so we will assign writing and long readings for homework.   


Teachers will fold pages in half and write the date on them.  This is the homework. 


3.  How to do the homework:


Grammar Banks (p. 92 of EFSA):  The blue page on the left is the explanation.   Read.     Always read the instructions.    Read the example.   Then write.   If there is not enough space, write in a notebook.


Vocabulary Banks (p. 125 of EFSA):  Most likely these will be done in class, because there is little or no writing.    BUT it’s good to practice at home.   In class, students listen and repeat.    Cover the words.  Look only at the pictures and say the words.   Please practice the same way at home.


Workbook:   Read the instructions.    Read the examples.   Do.   If you have ANY problems, look at the corresponding grammar banks and vocabulary banks.   (for example: workbook unit 1A:  look at 1A grammar bank or vocabulary bank for help).


Readings:  (p. 27 of EFSA)  Most readings at the lower level will be done in class because they are not long.   Students take turns reading each sentence out loud.   Students circle any words they don’t know and ask the teacher / other students what it means.   They answer the questions that go with the text.    If a reading is given for homework, do it the same way.


Tests:  Every 2 units there are Tests.   (p. 14 of EFSA).   Students should do by themselves and we’ll check in class.   If there are MANY mistakes, please review previous units.


4.  In Class:


A.  10 minutes:  Students will begin with a pair work speaking activities (extra photocopies that correspond with the text).   The teacher will check the homework.


B.  10 minutes:  Students will correct any mistakes in their homework.   If they finish before other kids, they can do more written work or speak with the teacher.


C.   40 minutes: use the text.  We’ll do mainly speaking (in pairs) and listenings in class.   Giving long writings / readings / grammar banks for homework.





5.   Any last pieces of advice?   Our best students:


Do the homework

Come twice a week

Speak out and up (not shy and not in quiet voice)

Read English Books

Work hard in Class

Watch English T.V.

Speak ONLY English in class

Ask if they don’t know (What’s _______ in English)

Study the grammar and vocabulary more at home 


We love English File lessons.   Students have studied for a long time.  And NOW they CAN speak with confidence.   They have fun speaking in English with each other.   Junior High School students are not shy.   They speak about their lives / their clubs / their dreams….    It’s fun to see the students growing up into such nice young adults.




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