Printing Tips

EFL, ABC phonics game, ESL

Printing Tips:


1.  Tackle 1 game at a time.

2.  Don't rush.  


Printing Front to Back:


1.  Want the paper as straight and aligned as possible: CAN be done on home printers. 

2.  Do a test print BEFORE doing many printings.



More Tips:


1.  Use card stock paper.

2.  Laminate.

3.  Round ALL corners with corner cutter. (so kids don't pick)


****  We'll be updating this with pictures/ videos and links to the paper / laminator.... we use.  ****


Also---if YOU have any tips, please use them in the comments.   


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    Amy (Sunday, 25 March 2018 19:26)

    We've never had the problem of the cards splitting when cut, but 1 customer did. Maybe this is the answer???

    The only thing I can think of is maybe the paper or lamination they are using is too thick?? But I can’t say for sure.

    This is the paper and lamination we use. The lamination is normal thickness as far as I know. The paper is thicker than normal paper, but not too thick either. It’s the same paper used for the class lists in the schools if that helps for reference. Maybe you could recommend them if they’re in Japan??



    If they’re outside Japan, maybe recommend normal lamination and about 0.22mm thickness paper?