Returnee Lessons: What We Do

Returnees' English ability depends on a variety of factors:  For example, personality;  are they gregarious or shy?    Did they attend an English speaking school?   How long did they spend abroad?    Did they live in an English speaking country?    How old is the student, and crucially did they learn to read?


We always do a level check to determine which of our returnee classes is most suitable to join.    We have many returnee lessons.   There will be at least one that suits your child.


The Goals for Returnee Lessons:


*  To retain and increase fluency

*  To increase reading,writing, speaking and comprehension ability.

*  to discuss different topics freely and naturally.

*  to make friends with other returnees.


The class:


The most important thing is to keep students’ speaking abilities.    Students love speaking freely about their interests.   Other students listen and ask questions.   We encourage natural, friendly conversation between classmates/ friends.   


Class time is only 1 hour, so we want children speaking fluently in pairs/ small groups for as much as that hour as possible.    Teacher talk time is low.  


Depending on the level of the returnee and their text, the lesson will resemble an elementary style lesson or a Junior High School style lesson.



The Text:


My English Book and Me 1 - 6


English File Starter - 3.


We will do a level check for speaking, reading, writing and comprehension to decide which class, which text is best for your child. 


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