My English Book and Me 4: how we use

My English Book and Me 4 Classbook and Homebook are phonics books where children learn to read and write 3 letter (and longer) phonetic words and simple questions and answers.    
We begin it with elementary students who have finished My English Book and Me 3.
Like all our elementary lessons (My English Book and Me 3, 4, 5, 6), students do 40 minutes of activities in 3s or pairs (read ’n match, flip n’ read, question cards, flashcards….).     Each game has many levels.   Each level is slightly more difficult than the previous one.   Students can seamlessly progress from reading simple sentences with 3 letter words to more complex questions and answers. 
The remaining 20 minutes is writing time.   In the writing time, students:

1.   Begin with the home book.     For homework, students do the LEFT side of 2 pages and practice writing the words (looking only at the picture) in a notebook.   (please look at the blog on MEB4 homework for more information.)


2.   In class, students will do the RIGHT side of the page.   Cover the left side.  Look only at the pictures and write the word.


3.   This is a test.  If students do well, the teacher will assign the next 2 pages for homework.   If not, the student will repeat the same pages for homework.

4.  After completing the homework test, the student will re-do any pages in the home book with many mistakes (don’t erase the entire page—-only mistakes).

5.  If there is time, the student will continue in the classbook.    The class book is similar to the homebook.    It is important that the student completes the activity on the left BEFORE covering the words, looking only at the picture and writing the words on the right.   


Like all of our classes, students work at THEIR pace.   Some students fly through the texts, making no or few mistakes.   Other students make more mistakes and must correct mistakes on each page 2 or 3 times (learning from mistakes each time).   
Any more tips that I missed?

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