EFL ESL ELL flashcards 英語ゲーム

Flashcards: My English Book and Me 5


This Set includes: 

  •  200 cards
  • Full Questions and Sentence on 1 side.
  • Original, Clear Pictures on the back.
  • Keywords in a large, bold font. 
  • Complements the Questions and Answers in My English Book and Me 5.

Included Subjects, Vocabulary, Questions and Answers:

  • My Life:  This is my _______ .
  • Verbs:  Can you _____ ?   Yes, I can. // No, I can't.
  • My Things:  Do you have ______ ?   Yes, I do. // No, I don't.
  • Verbs / Things:  Do you like ________ ?   Yes, I do.  //  No, I don't.
  • About Me:  Are you ________ ?   Yes, I am.  //  No, I'm not.
  • Things:  What's your favorite ______ ?   I like _______.
  • Feelings:  How are you?   I'm ________ .
  • Phonics: ar, oy, oo, ee, sh, ai, ou:   What is it?  It's a _______.


How to Use:

* We like to jumble up all questions and answers and put flashcards on rings (in a random order.   15 flashcards / ring).    

* Students take 1 ring.   Read the question and answer out loud in pairs.

* Turn over and look at the picture to check.

* When finished reading ALL the questions on 1 ring, do a double check.


Double Check:

* Look only at the picture.   Say the full question and answer.  (harder than you think)


Done with 1 ring?

* Get another.  


Do 2 or 3 rings per class.    Taking about 10 - 15 minutes of class time.


What’s GREAT about these FLASHCARDS?

1.  Children learn NEW vocabulary and grammar as they read.

2.  Children read FULL QUESTION and ANSWERS.

3.  It is LEVEL APPROPRIATE (words neither too hard/ too easy)

4.  Children teach themselves.

         5. It’s a simple but effective for improving reading, vocabulary and grammar.

        6.  Re-enforces the vocabulary and grammar in the My English Book and Me 5 texts.