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日本語で · 25. May 2018
大人に英語を教える時、教科書ではなくて自由に話すレッスンがしたいと言われたことがあるかもしれません。 Dave and Amy English Schoolでは、自由に話す(ただ話したいことを話す)レッスンは行いません。 その理由は・・・

Teacher Tips · 22. May 2018
If you teach adults, chances are you have had the request “free conversation please, no texts. At Dave and Amy English School, we don’t do free conversation. These are the reasons why: In conversation, students will use the same vocabulary and grammar that they always use. I know from personal experience. My Japanese is not that great and could really improve, BUT my conversation skills are pretty good precisely because conversation often covers