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English School Owner Tips · 12. January 2018
Why we Hired our First Teachers.: I was recently asked about hiring our first teachers.   The obvious reason: we had grown as a school and needed more teachers to cover the lessons.  But more importantly, we valued our family time and work life/ balance.  Before our two boys entered kindergarten we spent mornings playing in parks // play centers and afternoons at

English School Owner Tips · 14. November 2017
After 20 years in business, Dave and I think we have hit upon the best way to do trial lessons. Before I outline what we do, I will say what we don’t do and why. All of what we DON’T do, we DID do for years. BUT we changed to our current system 5 years ago and haven’t gone back. 1. We don’t allow trial lesson students to join in in existing lessons, with Moms/ Dads watching because: • It disrupts the class. My responsibility is first and foremost to my paying students. When a