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English School Owner Tips · 23. July 2019
We think that parents are often unsure if their English School choice is good or not. We equate it with choosing a piano school for our kids. We don’t play the piano.  So in reality, we have no idea if it is a good lesson or not.    So, how can parents choose a good English School?   These are a few things to look out for / avoid: (if you have more, please add them in the comments) 1 Who spoke most in class?   Teacher or students?    Lots of stu

English School Owner Tips · 06. June 2018
As school owners, we would recommend having rules. And not bending them. For many reasons: You are a business. To be professional, you must have rules. 2. Presumably you made the rules for a reason. If you CHANGE them easily, then why did you take the time to think about them and make them in the first place? You won’t see the cram schools