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Life in Japan · 21. May 2020
Life in Lockdown I advise my kids to savor the moment, because life is always changing. Life has certainly changed now. Like everyone, we locked down suddenly. We shut our four English Schools and moved online. Golds’ Gym, our regular hangout, shut. Our boys’ soccer and kick boxing, closed. Piano and guitar lessons moved online and their Junior high school shut. We are now a family unit spending 24 hours a day together with no end in sight. Sounds like a nightmare? Curi
Life in Japan · 10. April 2018
Amy and I came to Japan, in 1996. Very happy with our job, accomodation, new friends, food, new places....but the neighborhood nightlife was like pre-war Britain, I'm guessing here. Tokyo is brilliant for nightlife, but we wanted to meet people where we lived, Saitama. The turning point was seeing famous UK DJ Fatboy Slim

Life in Japan · 29. March 2018
The Principal’s Office It was NOT where I wanted to spend my Friday night. In the principal’s office of my 13 year old’s Jr High School. It all began a week ago when Alfie was LATE home from school, and late for soccer practice. We began to fear the worst. We called school. Alfie was in the principal’s office. Great. What had happened? Some of Alfie’s friends had been lighting paper / trash

Life in Japan · 14. February 2018
Japan’s a changing When you think of Japan, diverse doesn’t spring to mind. But if our little school is anything to go by, Japan is changing. When we first started Dave and Amy English School, all of our students were Japanese.   Not anymore. Japan's demographic is changing rapidly. Recently, we have noticed a sharp increase in foreign students hailing from China, South Korea, Germany, Vietnam, India with a sprinkling of mixed families from