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My English Book and Me Tips · 30. November 2017
In the My English Book and Me 3 Home Book, there are many mini - tests. We want the tests to be meaningful and to test the students. Unfortunately, we found that many times, when assigned for homework, the tests would come back PERFECT---with NO mistakes. Mysteriously when students did similar mini tests IN CLASS in the CLASS BOOK, they would make many mistakes. Why?? We suspect parents were "helping" their children. Unfortunately, such help is really a hindrance. Because we know

English School Owner Tips · 14. November 2017
After 20 years in business, Dave and I think we have hit upon the best way to do trial lessons. Before I outline what we do, I will say what we don’t do and why. All of what we DON’T do, we DID do for years. BUT we changed to our current system 5 years ago and haven’t gone back. 1. We don’t allow trial lesson students to join in in existing lessons, with Moms/ Dads watching because: • It disrupts the class. My responsibility is first and foremost to my paying students. When a

English School Owner Tips · 27. October 2017
Our students LOVE new materials.   How do we finance new materials?      Over the years, we’ve tried several options.