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English School Owner Tips · 25. October 2018
Start English as soon as you can, kids learn like sponges. Everyone agrees with this. We don’t; kind of. We ran a very popular Mummy and Me classes. One hour class: 20 minutes play with toys, 40 minutes songs, songs, songs and books. We had 4 classes, lots of students, smooth classes, everyone had fun, learned basic vocabulary, how to interact with others. Unfortunately, when kids "graduated" to our kinder classes, too many M&Me graduates

English School Owner Tips · 13. December 2017
At Dave and Amy English School, we had very popular, effective Mommy and Baby lessons for 7 years. And then stopped. Why? Hint: It WASN’T because our own children had grown. Although it was great having Alfie and Leon in the class. The real reason we STOPPED Mommy and Baby lessons is we found