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Student Tips · 17. October 2018
Many 6th grade students quit English lessons in anticipation of Junior High School. You shouldn’t quit. You should continue. Let’s look at why you might want to leave and why you shouldn’t. #1 Reason: My child can’t make the time because club activities finish late.

Teacher Tips · 26. July 2018
Moving on Up: Elementary to Jr. High We find that our students are progressing more quickly these days. We have many elementary students on Jr. High School texts. We use the English File series with Jr. High kids, higher level returnees, adult students, and NOW higher level elementary students. The text is comprehensive: covering vocabulary, grammar. listening and speaking activities in the class book and home book. Initially,

English School Owner Tips · 14. February 2018
Junior High School / High School Lessons: The Goals. Students: * build confidence          * Speak out. Speak up. * Work together *  Build a warm class relationship *  Express opinions about a Variety of Topics *  Improve vocabulary and grammar to help with lessons at students’ Jr. High School / High School In the 60 minute class: We want the lesson to be mainly speaking time in pairs or groups of 3. There will also be